According to Ayurveda Insomnia is termed as Nidranaash or Nidralpta.
In patients having nidranaash or nidralpata Vata and Pitta are aggravated.

1) Shirodhara – It's a very effective treatment for insomnia. Traditionally In this therapy medicated oil/milk is poured on patient's forehead from specific distance and for specific time frame. It brings relief to most of the associated factors of insomnia such as anxiety, stress and calms your mind.
2) Abhyangam - This full body Ayurveda massage with medicated oil relaxes the body and removes tensions and induce sound sleep.
3) Pada Abhyangam or Foot Massage provides relaxation to the body and mind helps good sleep.
4)Thalam - Herbal powder is mixed with medicated oil and is applied on the center part of the head.Thalam is the best treatment to cure variety of conditions like insomnia, stress, tension and different mental conditions.